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The Benefits of a SUPA Heater: the Portable Hot Tub Heater


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Discover SUPA Heater at Holiday Park and Resort Innovation 2023!

Join SUPA Heater at Holiday Park and Resort Innovation 2023

We live in an age where convenience is king and eco-friendly solutions are a necessity. Traditional hot tub heating can be very costly and time-consuming, that’s where SUPA heater comes in.

SUPA Heater: More Than Just Hot Water

At the heart of a SUPA heater is a commitment to providing next-level heated water without the hassle. No more waiting hours for your hot tub to heat up or dreading the bill at the end of the month. SUPA heater promises instant hot water and a re-heat or refill of a hot tub in under 45 minutes for as little as £1.90.

It’s the cheaper and faster way to heat your tub, reducing your costs and carbon footprint and being ultra-convenient at the same time.

Why SUPA Heater is a Game Changer

Fast and Efficient: With SUPA heater, you can heat your hot tub 90% faster than a traditional electrically heated tub.

Cost-Effective: Slash those hefty electricity bills with propane, which costs 65% less per kWh than electricity.

Eco-Conscious: Reduce your CO2 emissions by over 50% and optimise your energy usage with a SUPA heater which comes with an impressive CE ErP rating of A.

How Does SUPA Heater Work?

Heating your hot tub with SUPA is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Drop In: Begin by dropping the red and blue hoses into your tub.
  2. Power Up: Simply turn the hot tub heater on, pick the mode you want, set the desired temperature and start the water pump.
  3. Relax: SUPA stops heating the water when your temperature is reached. Now, all that’s left is to dive into your perfectly heated hot tub and unwind.

SUPA provides you with almost everything you need to heat your hot tub, from premium hose fittings, powder coated stand with all-terrain wheels, to high-performance hoses. Setting up has never been simpler, letting you focus on what truly matters – making the most of your valuable time and relaxing.

The True Cost of Hot Tub Ownership

Many overlook the recurring costs associated with owning a hot tub, particularly the ongoing expenses to maintain its temperature. SUPA heater addresses this concern by enabling you to switch off the heater in your hot tub entirely and only heat your water as needed, leaving you with more cash in your pocket!

Using SUPA to do the hard work, your hot tub system is operating at a fraction of the time it used to which can help to massively improve its working life, and you can also save on the cost of chemical treatment and filtration as the colder water produces far less bacteria that needs to be killed.

Did You Know?

The environmental implications of heating water can be substantial. A regular 4-person inflatable hot tub consumes a significant amount of energy. Comparing it to a common household task, heating a typical 4-person inflatable hot tub from 20 – 400C uses the equivalent energy to boiling one litre of water in a kettle 218 times, and importantly, keeping it warm for 24 hrs when you are not even using it, is like boiling a kettle 152 times!

Considering the vast number of hot tubs in the UK and their energy consumption, it’s evident that shifting to an eco-friendly solution like SUPA heater can have a majorly positive impact on the environment as well.

Revolutionising Hot Tub Heating

SUPA heater is more than just a portable hot tub heater; it’s a statement on how we should approach modern conveniences. Efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly, SUPA heater truly is the future of hot tub heating.

Revolutionise your hot tub experience, save yourself a pot of money and do your bit for the planet with a SUPA heater!

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Discover SUPA Heater at Holiday Park and Resort Innovation 2023!

Join SUPA Heater at Holiday Park and Resort Innovation 2023