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Designed, engineered & manufactured for the holiday park and letting markets.

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Next level heated water, now that really is SUPA.


Hot tubs refilled and heated in approximately 1 hour. 

Whether you’re instantly heating the water during filling or heating once the hot tub’s filled, nothing is as fast as a SUPA heater.

Say goodbye to long hot tub changeovers and refilling log burners if you have a wood-fired tub, now you can leave SUPA to get it heated on-time, every-time whilst you and your team get ready for guests.

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SUPA Savvy

Ready to heat in less than 5 minutes.

Complying with HSE/HSG guidance can be tricky when prepping for new guests, but not anymore.

Drain, refill and heat hot tubs in approximately 1 hour and make changeover days a breeze.

SUPA heater is portable so you can heat multiple hot tubs on the same changeover day with just one heater.

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SUPA powerful

Heat your hot tubs easily, even in the depths of winter.

Air source heat pumps are no comparison to the power of the 31kw SUPA from the second you switch it on, regardless of outside temperatures.

With a SUPA heater, your hot tubs go from chilly to toasty in no time at all, so guests can spend more time soaking as soon as they arrive. Check our calculator to see how quickly SUPA can heat your tubs.

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SUPA savings

Heats a standard 1,000 litre hot tub for less £4.50, on average.

  • Reduce painful energy bills.
  • Can save you a fortune on logs if you have a wood-fired tub.
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For commercial use

Say hello to super
easy changeovers.

  • For holiday parks and lets – helps you to comply with HSG 282.
  • Have hot tubs ready for guests upon arrival.
  • Heat after filling or direct from the mains.
  • Heat 3 or even 4 tubs with just a single SUPA.
  • Make changeover day a breeze.
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Officially recognised by

SUPA heater has been tested by SGS to gain UKCA and CE approval, helps you comply withHSE and HSG282 as a business and is approved byWhatSpa? With so many seals of approval you know we’ve got safety, quality and performance covered.


How does SUPA heater handle heavy usage in commercial environments?

SUPA is built to last and uses high-quality components throughout. Whether you are heating water through recirculation in Mode 1 or where a direct hot tub fill straight from the mains is being adopted in Mode 2, both the heater and the pump have been designed to offer 90 minutes of continuous use before needing a short 15 minute ‘rest break’ between cycles, allowing the pump motor to cool and to ensure the heater is not left to run indefinitely when unobserved by accident. Typical short operating cycles of around 60 minutes, sufficient to heat a 4-person hot tub (allowing 250 litres per user) from 20-38oC, can be achieved multiple times during a changeover for holiday homes or lets from a single SUPA.

Can SUPA heater be used to heat pools?

SUPA has been designed to heat hot tubs up to 1,700 litres from 20 – 40oC in under 90 minutes, that is a very well-proportioned hot tub for 6-7 users and something previously unheard of from any other heating system. Whilst we do not recommend the use of SUPA for swimming pools, small above ground pools and swim spas of 4,250 litres or less, could be heated from 20 – 28oC by SUPA in 90 minutes. Watch this space and subscribe to hear of the latest news on one of our highly anticipated and market-changing developments, the SUPA XL, which will be able to heat a swim spa or above ground pool of 8,000 litres from 20 – 28oC in under 90 minutes.

Can I use the SUPA heater to clean my hot tubs?

Absolutely, you can use the benefits of hot water cleaning to get your tubs gleaming! In Mode 2, just attach your mains hose pipe into the front of the pump using a ‘Hozelock’ type quick-fit connector and attach our shower head or a pressure washer using the fast fitting on the outlet of the red ‘hot’ hose. Set the temperature you want in Mode 2 (typically below 40oC for pressure washers) and switch on the mains water – hey presto, instant hot water to help melt any grime away ensuring your hot tubs stay squeaky clean and inviting for each new guest.

Also, try using a pressure-washer with hot water to remove slippery moss from wooden decking and paving – it does the job to perfection! Or try melting snow and ice on slippery paths before using rock salt to ensure it doesn’t freeze over again, SUPA can really help in all sorts of previously unheard of ways.

How does SUPA streamline changeover days?

A SUPA heater simplifies your changeover days by swiftly heating your hot tubs in around an hour, something owners and operators know all too well has previously been the luxury of the major park owners with expansive boilers and hot water on tap. SUPA allows you and your team, however small, to efficiently prepare tubs for the next guests, reducing downtime and ensuring a warm and welcoming experience for arriving visitors every time.

After all the effort you put in as owners, getting the accommodation perfect for every arrival, SUPA heater ensures they enjoy a ‘hot’ tub and not just a ‘warm’ tub at check-in, helping you to retain those hard earned 4 and 5-star ratings you and your team have worked long and hard for.

For those of you with wood-fired hot tubs, its even better as you do not have to keep refilling the wood burner every 20 minutes for up to 4 hrs per changeover day, saving you a tremendous amount of time to do something more productive or relaxing!

And finally, SUPA quick changeovers allow you to get more occupancy, renting when you wouldn’t normally be able to due to time constraints and maximising revenue from your assets.

what our customers think

“Bought one of these for our hot tubs at Heygates Lodging. It's an absolute game changer for us. Brings the water up to temperature in a fraction of the time, allowing us to get on with other things.”

Heygates Lodges

what our customers think

“I have been waiting for years for this product, thank you SUPA now I have one it’s changed my business, same day change over at holiday let’s is now possible, last minute bookings are now possible and for events and festivals having hot water for fast turnaround is invaluable I will be ordering more. If you’re thinking about buying one of these stop thinking it’s a no brainer!”

Rob, Hot Tub Hire

what our customers think

“WOW JUST WOW! I am a holiday let owner, and this has just changed the game! Perfect for our turnaround times! Easy to assemble, easy to manoeuvre around site and just incredible little bit of kit- do not steer towards any air source heat pumps that take hours and only compatible with certain hot tubs, I could go on forever on how this has managed to save us so much head ache and time!"”

Billy McQuire, Holiday let owner