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Designed, engineered and manufactured for heating your hot tub at home.

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Saving you money and time, that really is SUPA.

SUPA savings

Heats a typical hot tub for approximately £3-4.00!

Running a hot tub can drain your wallet with high energy bills, and the need to keep it on constantly.

Enter SUPA heater – the cheaper and faster way to enjoy a hot soak without the financial strain. Comfort and convenience without the cost!

Check how much you can potentially save.

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SUPA Savvy

Simple set up. ‘Plug ‘n’ play’ in under 5 minutes.

Forget complicated installations, SUPA heater keeps it easy.

Setting up your SUPA heater is simple – just switch it on, set the temperature and you’re ready to go!

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Your hot tub heated in approximately 1 hour.

Don’t wait about for warmth! Traditional tubs can take anywhere from 10-14 hours to heat up.

SUPA heater is a game-changer, bringing you a toasty tub when you want it.

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SUPA powerful

Heat your hot tub easily, all year round.

Electric heating really struggles in the cold, taking the best part of a day to warm the water.

SUPA heats your hot tub whatever the temperature, making winter dips easy at the touch of a button.

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For HOME use

A whole lot better for
your budget.

  • Heat your hot tub for as little as £3-4.00!
  • SUPA fast heating allows you to switch off your hot tub heater when not in use.
  • Massively reduce your electricity bills.
  • Have your hot tub fully heated from 20 – 38 degrees in under an hour.
  • Fuss-free heating so you can kick back and relax.
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What else can SUPA do for me?

SUPA isn’t just for hot tub heating, it can also heat cold water direct from your outdoor tap, making it ideal for:

Taking a shower
Washing the car
Cleaning the drive
Washing your dog


Do I need to leave my hot tub on throughout the week when it's not really in use?

In short, no you don’t! Your SUPA heater can heat a 1,000L hot tub in approximately 1 hour, so when you’re not using it, switch it off and whip out the SUPA heater an hour or so before you want to jump into the tub.

Can I sit in the hot tub whilst SUPA is heating the water?

NEVER sit in the hot tub when SUPA is operating, as the water going back into the hot tub could be as high as 65oC, which could badly scald skin if left in contact for too long. Please heat the water to 40oC (when the temperature of the water passing out of SUPA shows 65oC, it will automatically switch off and your tub will be at 40oC). Always allow the water to be circulated for 30 seconds or so to ensure the hottest water is evenly dispersed.

When do you recommend I use the shower fitting?

Well really, it’s up to you, we recommend you shower before using your hot tub to keep the water clean and if you want to rinse off after getting out your hot tub to rinse away chlorine. It also comes in handy if you need to wash your dog, or if you fancy a spot of camping.

At what temperature should I set the water?

Great question – the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) recommends that you set hot tub water temperatures between 36oC and 37oC and never use a hot tub with a water temperature higher than 40oC. Remember to always supervise children when using a hot tub (the medical advice is to prevent children under four years of age from using the hot tub altogether).

what our customers think

“Bought one of these for our hot tubs at Heygates Lodging. It's an absolute game changer for us. Brings the water up to temperature in a fraction of the time, allowing us to get on with other things.”

Heygates Lodges

what our customers think

“I have been waiting for years for this product, thank you SUPA now I have one it’s changed my business, same day change over at holiday let’s is now possible, last minute bookings are now possible and for events and festivals having hot water for fast turnaround is invaluable I will be ordering more. If you’re thinking about buying one of these stop thinking it’s a no brainer!”

Rob, Hot Tub Hire

what our customers think

“WOW JUST WOW! I am a holiday let owner, and this has just changed the game! Perfect for our turnaround times! Easy to assemble, easy to manoeuvre around site and just incredible little bit of kit- do not steer towards any air source heat pumps that take hours and only compatible with certain hot tubs, I could go on forever on how this has managed to save us so much head ache and time!"”

Billy McQuire, Holiday let owner