Get a free gas connection kit worth £50 with every SUPA heater

The faster and cheaper way to heat a hot tub

Effortless hot tub changeovers and big savings for homeowners. Say hello to SUPA.

Commercial use

Home use

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SUPA quick

Hot tubs refilled and heated in just under
1 hour.*
*Assumes water flow rate is sufficient.

SUPA savvy

Plug 'n' play - ready to heat in less than
5 minutes.

SUPA powerful

31kw heats any tub even in the depths of winter.

SUPA savings

Heats a 1000-litre hot tub for approximately £4.00.

Next level heated water, now that really is SUPA.

For commercial use

Say hello to super
easy changeovers.

  • For holiday parks and lets – helps you to comply with HSG 282.
  • Have hot tubs ready for guests upon arrival.
  • Heat after filling or direct from the mains.
  • Heat 3 or even 4 tubs with just a single SUPA.
  • Make changeover day a breeze.
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For HOME use

A whole lot better for
your budget.

  • Heat your hot tub for as little as £3-4.00!
  • SUPA fast heating allows you to switch off your hot tub heater when not in use.
  • Massively reduce your electricity bills.
  • Have your hot tub fully heated from 20 – 38 degrees in under an hour.
  • Fuss-free heating so you can kick back and relax.
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Solving a problem

You wouldn’t run a bath days before getting into it.
So why heat a hot tub like that?

How it works

Setting up your SUPA heater couldn’t be simpler. Here’s a handy video showing you how easy it is.


Calculate your SUPA savings.

  • Reduce energy bills.
  • Much cheaper per kWh than electricity.
  • Cut your energy costs by 70% or more.

Hear from some of our wonderful
SUPA customers.

customer FEEDBACK


SUPA ways to heat hot tubs in any setting

Got a hot tub? Then SUPA is for you. Ideal for any environment, whether using at home or for holiday rentals.

For commercial use For home use
Holiday cottages
Glamping sites
Hot tubs at home
Inflatable hot tubs
Holiday lodges
what our customers think

“Bought one of these for our hot tubs at Heygates Lodging. It's an absolute game changer for us. Brings the water up to temperature in a fraction of the time, allowing us to get on with other things.”

Heygates Lodges

what our customers think

“I have been waiting for years for this product, thank you SUPA now I have one it’s changed my business, same day change over at holiday let’s is now possible, last minute bookings are now possible and for events and festivals having hot water for fast turnaround is invaluable I will be ordering more. If you’re thinking about buying one of these stop thinking it’s a no brainer!”

Rob, Hot Tub Hire

what our customers think

“WOW JUST WOW! I am a holiday let owner, and this has just changed the game! Perfect for our turnaround times! Easy to assemble, easy to manoeuvre around site and just incredible little bit of kit- do not steer towards any air source heat pumps that take hours and only compatible with certain hot tubs, I could go on forever on how this has managed to save us so much head ache and time!"”

Billy McQuire, Holiday let owner