Get a free gas connection kit worth £50 with every SUPA heater


Washing the dog

We love those long muddy walks, but when we get home and try to get our wheaten terrier Harley up the stairs to the bathroom, a fantastic day becomes a nightmare: mud on the carpet, the bathroom soaking wet and then the clean up afterwards! SUPA allows us to give him a shower outside in nice warm water which he loves, and then with a quick towel dry he is ready to come in the house free of what used to be our weekend winter drama!

Taking a Shower

You should always take a shower before getting into the hot tub and when you get out, it removes any oils, make-up or fake tan that causes havoc with the water. Using SUPA allows this at the touch of a button, ensuring you remain chemical free when you get in, and importantly, when you get out of the tub.

Washing the car

£100’s of millions are spent on the latest foam washes and degreasers to remove grime and dirt from the cars paintwork, but using clean hot water with these really makes all the difference. The majority of degreasers are designed to be used in hot water to work their very best – just think about how your washing up liquid would perform if used in cold water when doing the dishes. SUPA helps you obtain the perfect, professional valet for your car, motorbike or bikes paintwork without the additional expense of getting somebody else to do it.

Washing the drive

Hot water used through the power washer really helps to lift the oils and dirt from your expensive paving and can save countless time if you need to remove stubborn marks. And just think about wintertime, you can remove snow and ice in seconds using SUPA with your pressure washer, allowing you to reapply grit salt over areas directly walked up, and all without breaking your back shovelling snow.

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